3D Geodata

January 2019

Having up-to-date, high-resolution, high-precision and 3D geodata is crucial in a lot of industries. But satellites are too low-resolution, taking photographs from airplanes can eat up a lot of time and cash, and, of course, a cloudy day can frustrate even the best-laid plans.

The Kiel-based startup OrthoDrone brings together expertise in geography and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to offer customers a much more accurate, flexible and economical option for obtaining detailed 3D surface models. The company uses flying automated drones with innovative sensor technology to gather and analyze highly accurate georeferenced area data offering spatial and temporal resolutions in the centimeter and hour range.

Since the technology might be particularly valuable in the field of so-called “precision agriculture,” OrthoDrone plans to also use multispectral cameras to allow the analysis of factors such as plant health.

The founders of OrtoDrone: Juri Klusak, Julian Teege, and Johann Wenzel © OrthoDrone