3-D Printing in Bremen

March 2020

Bremen has become a hotspot for 3-D printing, and one of its brightest lights is Materialise NV from Belgium.

The Belgian market leader has turned a pilot project in two small spaces in 2016 into a 3500-square-meter expertise center for 3-D metal printing. Here more than 30 metal working companies will fulfill contracts from customers around the world.

One of Materialise’s specialties is aluminum alloys used in the aerospace, automotive and machine construction industries. 3-D printing allows metal to be formed into imaginative shapes without the constraints of conventional tools and processing techniques.

Components are formed layer by layer out of 25-to-50-micrometers thick metal powder melted by a laser. 3-D printing is those able to form in a single steps objects like hollow spheres that would require multiple stages using conventional methods.

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