5G Remote-Controlled Trains

October 2019

Mobile communications provider Vodafone has carried out the first-ever remote-controlled test run of a train using 5G technology. The test was carried out at the company’s smart Smart Rail Connectivity Campus in Germany’s central Erzgebirge region.

For the test to be successful, more than 500 megabits per second of bandwidth were needed. That reduced the latency period to less than ten milliseconds.

“We’re bringing 5G to the rails,” said Alexander Saul, Vodafone’s director of corporate customers. “If the network functions in real time as it did on the test track, train drivers could do home office in the future.”

“The Smart Rail Connectivity Campus is a unique facility in Europe and one which will decisively influence the future of digital rail transportation,” adds Sören Claus, technical director at the campus. “More than 100 partners are researching and working on automatized, environmentally friendly mobility here.”

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