A Super Seven of Large VC Investments in German Start-Ups

August 2021

The global boom in venture capital showed no signs of slowing down in Germany in the last two months, as a number of young companies reported funding rounds of EUR 50 million or more. Markets Germany’s bi-monthly list is a mix of one familiar name and six promising new ones from all corners of Germany.

SellerX, Berlin, 100 million, Amazon aggregator. One hot investment trend is firms that bring together and optimize companies on ecommerce platforms, and SellerX has set a new record for an equity round by a European startup in this sector. The firm expanded from 46 employees in February to over 250 in August of this year.Photo: SellerX-founders Philipp Triebel (left) and Malte Horeyseck  © SellerX

Chrono24, Karlsruhe, EUR 100 million, ecommerce. This online platform from the southwestern city of Karlsruhe says it sold 475,000 luxury watches with a value of EUR 1.5 billion in 2019. Its latest round of funding, the company claims, should make it “the world’s first wristwatch unicorn.”  Photo: The team of Chrono24 © Chrono24

Uberall, Berlin, EUR 95 million, location marketing. This company manages 1,350,000 store locations and promises that it can help the world’s biggest brands deliver what it calls “a memorable ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience.” Uberall is active in six countries and wants to use the fresh funds to expand operations in the US and Canada. Photo: The founders of Uberall, David Federhen (left) and Florian Huebner ©Uberall

Liqid, Berlin, EUR 82 million, wealth management. Financial services company Liqid, founded in 2016, manages the money of those with EUR 100,000 or more to invest, offering access to private equity. And those looking to increase their wealth obviously think the company itself is a good investment as well. Photo: The Team of Liqid © Liqid

Isar Aerospace, Munich, EUR 65 million, aerospace. Isar Aerospace is a well-known name to anyone familiar with the German start-up scene, but the Bavarian “new space” company has a glamorous new partner. One of the investors in Isar’s latest financing round is iconic carmaker Porsche. Photo: The founders of Isar Aerospace with a model of their future rocket engine © Isar Aerospace Technologies

Mait, Rottweil, EUR 60 million, IT. The southwestern German town of Rottweil isn’t a name you hear often in VC circles, and Mait, which was founded all the way back in 1984 as ComputerKomplett, has flown under the radar. But this specialist in product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning and IT services now employs some 550 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Photo: Mait management Team (from left to right): Stefan Niehusmann, Axel Schmied, Oliver Spölgen © Mait

Exit Games, Hamburg, EUR 50 million computer games. Last but not least – from the extreme south Germany to the high north. Hamburg video game software programmer Exit Games has received 50 million euros from US mobile games developer Skillz. Exit Games makes synchronous playing tool Photon Engine, and its 600,000 partners include such sector heavyweights as EA, Square Enix und Ubisoft. Photo: © Exit Games

Sources: deutsche-startups.de, Handelsblatt, Sifted.