AI for Clean Air

September 2020

Hawa Dawa means “air purity” in several languages – which makes it an appropriate name for a multicultural company associated with Munich’s Technical University that is devoted to combatting air pollution.

Using satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA in its model, the company employs artificial intelligence to make calculations about air quality.

“We use AI-based calibration algorithms that take into account the cross-sensitivity of the pollutants as well as the influences of temperature, relative humidity and air pressure in order to exclude environmental factors from the data,” explained Hawa Dawa cofounder Yvonne Rusche on the university website.

Hawa Dawa cofounder Karim Tarraf grew up in Cairo, where air pollution is a massive problem. His parents are both specialists in respiratory medicine, and his brother suffers from asthma.

According to the German Start-Up Monitor, Munich’s Technical University ranks number one among German institutions of higher education in producing start-ups.

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