AI to the Rescue

September, 2017

German entrepreneurs are developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to help companies save cash and reduce routine work. Take customer emails: companies receive thousands every day and many of them are the same. Enter the Berlin-based start-up Parlamind, which is designing an AI analytics tool to read, group and categorize emails to speed up their human handling. Soon the system will be able to answer them too.

Focus on innovation

Then there’s the problem of IT-system management. In most IT divisions, an estimated 80 per cent of workers handle routine tasks – “keep the lights on” work, as it’s called, or KLO – while only 20 per cent get to focus on innovation. But with its new software, the Frankfurt-based developer Arago aims to flip this ratio on its head.

The founders of Berlin-based start-up Parlamind: Núria Bertomeu Castelló, Christian Wolf, Tina Klüwer, Tobias Lehmann.

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