Artificial Intelligence Will Save Lives

Earlier this year, the Chinese startup Infervision set down roots in the city of Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt. Its representative in Germany, Yipeng Sun, is hoping to transform the healthcare market all over Europe and prove that thinking machines can save lives.

October, 2018

Yipeng Sun only arrived in Wiesbaden in the spring, but already he is determined to transform the German healthcare market through AI. His company Infervision is developing machine-learning algorithms that can detect strokes and lung cancer in X-ray and CT scans with an accuracy of up to 90 percent. Their technology is already widely used in radiology in clinics across China and has been piloted in Japan. “We entered the German market in March 2018,” says Yipeng, “and already we have one strategic partner and are looking to increase this number significantly.”

Helping doctors make quick decisions

Infervision has set the bar high and plans to expand its network of hospitals to cover the whole country. The startup’s promise to healthcare providers is straightforward: to supply them with reliable data to help doctors make clinical decisions faster and more accurately. “We used more than 100,000 annotated medical images to train the algorithms,” Yipeng explains.

Infervision’s intelligent algorithms can detect lung cancer and strokes in X-ray and CT scans with an accuracy of up to 90 percent.

Photo: iStock by Getty Images/Nerthuz

For example, the algorithms can now measure the exact volume of blood lost in hemorrhagic strokes from brain CT scans. “Traditionally, doctors use a mathematical formula based on the health condition and the age of the patient to estimate the amount of blood lost,” Yipeng says. The algorithm now provides this vital data in an instant to decide if the patient needs urgent surgery or not.

Infervision started in China in 2016, where it has already partnered with over 140 hospitals. Opening a subsidiary in Germany was the next logical step. The Wiesbaden office will also serve the Spanish, Austrian and Swiss markets, with France and Italy further down the roadmap. “Germany is central to Europe and also enables us to assemble a competitive workforce,” Yipeng explains.

He holds Germany’s workforce and its universities in high esteem: “German engineers are very creative and work hard.” To strengthen its position in Europe, Infervision already plans to make more investments including a dedicated R&D facility in Wiesbaden. “There is huge potential here,” says Yipeng.

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