Battery Go-Ahead

July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has put the kibosh on many companies’ plans around the globe but not those of battery producer AKASOL. The company’s second serial production line for lithium-ion battery systems at its Langen, Germany, production site is now operational – six months ahead of schedule.

The company has more than doubled its production capacity from 2019.

“Of course, we expect a short-term decline in demand as a result of the steps taken to contain and slow down the spread of the coronavirus,” said AKASOL CFO Carsten Bovenschen. “Nevertheless, we expect a strong second half of 2020.”

AKASOL says it expects no disruption to supply chains as a result of the crisis.

“With the planned expansion of production capacities in Langen and Hazel Park, Michigan, we are already creating a solid foundation for further, sustainable growth this year,” Bovenschen added. “Expanding our production facilities also strengthens our leading role as a strategically important partner for the gradual electrification of the commercial vehicle sector.”

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