Self-Learning Algorithms Help

June, 2018

Less traffic, greater logistics efficiency and cleaner air are just some of the benefits to be enjoyed as online matchmaking finally arrives in the trucking world. Hamburg-based Cargonexx has developed a digital platform that simplifies the steps that freight forwarders and carriers have to take to get a shipment from A to B.

The technology uses self-learning algorithms to analyze a range of data – be it on freight type, dimensional weight, traffic or weather – and can then predict spot market prices for individual loadings in milliseconds. Freight forwarders can enter a shipment request and instantly receive quotes at the calculated price.

If they accept, Cargonexx then automatically asks carriers in its network if they will take the job. With its free brokering system, the startup has brought more than 3,600 companies and 60,000 trucks into its network – and won a truckload of awards in the process.

Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz, founder and CEO of Cargonexx, has developed an award-winning logistics platform that uses self-learning algorithms to simplify processes. © Cargonexx GmbH

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