An Algorithm for Jetlag?

November, 2018

Sixty percent of people who take long-distance flights suffer the disconcerting effects of jetlag. This figure might soon decline, however, thanks to the innovations of jetlite.

The startup, based at the Center for Applied Aviation Research (ZAL) in Hamburg, offers an algorithm-based concept to improve lighting in aircrafts and airports, as well as customized nutrition concepts for airline catering and airport services, to mitigate jetlag and thereby enhance traveler comfort and wellbeing.

What’s more, it is developing a smartphone app that tells passengers the ideal bedtime, light and nutrition starting a few days before a flight. Through the brand chronolite it is also developing solutions for other setting and sectors, such as using light in Porsche cars to boost driver attentiveness.

Jetlite was one of the winners of the German Innovation Award 2018  © jetlite