Anti-Corona Antibodies

September 2020

Scientists at Berlin’s Charité Research Hospital say that they have identified antibodies that can protect against the coronavirus.

Researchers were able to isolate 600 such antibodies, select those most effective against the virus and artificially reproduce them in the laboratory, the hospital said in a press release.

Experiments on hamsters showed that the antibodies reduced the effects of the Covid-19 illness and prevented new infections in the animals. The scientists hope they can now come up with a so-called passive vaccine to help human beings.

“Three of the antibodies we have identified are particularly promising for clinical development,” said research team leader Harald Prüss. “Using them we have begun to develop a passive vaccine against Covid-19.”

Passive vaccines help the body ward off infections and ameliorate their symptoms, whereas active vaccines prophylactically stimulate the body’s immune system to prevent infections.

© GettyImages/Phil Boorman