Stronger United

March 2019

The magnitude of the effort required to develop autonomous cars and related industry standards is giving rise to new alliances in the automotive sector.

For example, Uber has teamed up with Volvo, and the Google subsidiary Waymo is working with Jaguar.

Then, it was reported that the rival premium carmakers Daimler and BMW might also be considering a collaboration to speed up the development and approval of self-driving vehicles, such as by sharing patents, vehicle platforms, batteries and autonomous-car technology. If confirmed, this would be just one of many projects that the two companies are collaborating on.

Others include joint operation of the digital map provider HERE, the merger of the car-sharing platforms DriveNow and Car2Go, and the development of a rapid charging system for e-cars on German motorways. While Daimler plans to have a suite of 10 electric vehicles in the next four years, BMW aims to offer 12 models by 2025.

Jaguar I-Pace for Waymo © Jaguar Land Rover