Autonomous Taxis

September 2019

German powerhouses Bosch and Daimler are planning to roll out autonomous taxis on the streets of San Jose, California. Tests have been scheduled for the second half of 2019.

Clients will be able to order the specially equipped Marcedes S Class canbs via an app. The vehicles have been modified for autonomous driving on level 4 (passengers completely turn over control to the car) and class 5 (cars can operate without passengers).

For the time being, however, the taxis will be kept under the supervision of trained drivers and systems engineers.

“We have to rethink urban transportation,” said Dr. Stephan Hönle, senior vice president of Bosch’s automated driving business. “Automated driving will help us complete the picture of future urban traffic.”

If all goes well, self-driving taxis could become a practical reality on the streets early in the next decade.

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