Back to the Future

Revolutionizing production with 3D technology

December 2019

Lin Kayser, the co-founder of Hyperganic Technologies, sees himself following in the footsteps of the great explorers and pioneers.

The serial entrepreneur’s new project is based around an algorithm that mimics evolution in the natural world.

Specifications are entered into a computer; it does the calculations and feeds them into a 3D printer, which then spits out the finished part within a few hours. The system can be applied to a sneaker or a train drive.

Kayser believes 3D technology has the potential to change the future of production in the same way Microsoft or Apple changed computing, or the industrial revolution paved the way for mechanized production.

“If we get it right,” says Kayser, “we can repeat the German boom of the 19th century.”

46-year-old Kayser has a strong track record of innovation to back up his bold claims: Eight years ago he sold his first start-up to Adobe, and after that he organized an expedition to the Amazon.

Lin Kayser presents a 3D-printed model of a rocket engine made of a space-grade metal alloy. It was created by AI and algorithms using Hyperganic’s unique software platform and printed on a laser-melting machine made by EOS.  © Hyperganic Technologies AG