Berlin Achieves 2020 Climate Goal Early

December 2020

The German capital isn’t always known for punctuality, but it has beaten a main target for reducing CO2 emissions in terms of both time and quantity.

Berlin had set itself the goal of reducing 1990 levels of greenhouse gasses by 40 percent before the end of 2020. The latest figures show that the city achieved reductions of 40.7 percent, or 17.2 million tons, in 2019.

Restrictions on public life due to the corona pandemic are not reflected in the statistic. Impressively, Berlin was able to cut CO2 emission despite the fact that the city has been growing in recent years.

The greatest reductions were achieved in the areas of manufacturing, private households, businesses and services. The conversion of a large coal burning power plant to gas also played a significant role.

Berlin-Köpenick town hall © Pixabay