Berlin Fintech Vivid Raises €15m

November 2020

Start-up Vivid Money is less than a year old, but the financial platform from the German capital is already making headlines. The company has just raised a cool EUR 15 million in Series A financing.

Vivid touts itself as offering a “single-app solution that erases the borders between banking and investments.” Vivid users also have the option of opening subordinate accounts, called “pockets,” with unique IBAN numbers to share with family and friends.

“The retail savings and investments market in Europe is ripe for disruption, being both gigantic and old-fashioned at the same time,” said Vivid co-founder Artem Yamanov in a statement. “Vivid users love our ever-expanding feature portfolio, which covers more and more needs around the topic of finance. After only a few months, we have been able to set ourselves apart from the competition.”

The company says is new VC windfall will be used for expansion and further product development.

Artem Yamanov, co-founder of Vivid Money © Vivid Money

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