Berlin Startup Launches Powerpoint Alternative

October 2020

A business presentation solution that allows multiple users to work on slides simultaneously and remotely via chatroom – that’s the idea behind Pitch. The fledgling Berlin company’s product has now been officially launched, and developers are touting it as a rival Microsoft’s Powerpoint.

Pitch was established in 2018 and has secured more than USD 50 million in investment in the past two years, with backers including founders of Instagram and Zoom. The entrepreneurs behind the startup have a good track record, having founded to-do app Wunderlust, which was purchased by none other than Microsoft in 2015.

Pitch bosses say the current coronavirus restrictions, which have given a massive boost to home and mobile work, have only highlighted their product’s utility.

“Obviously no one could have seen this coming when we started building Pitch,” Pitch CEO and co-founder Christian Reber told the online magazine TechRound. “If anything, the pandemic has made it even clearer that we are on the right path. Modern teams don’t sit in one office, in one location — we certainly don’t at Pitch. They need fast and collaborative tools to get their work done remotely without compromising on speed or beauty. And that’s Pitch.”

Screenshot of a Pitch product © Pitch