Bicycle Boom

July 2019

Customers entering German bicycle shops these days may discover that some models are temporarily sold out. Germany is in the midst of veritable bike boom.

Turnover of cycles and parts rose by some 12 percent in 2018 – the “biggest increase since we started compiling statistics in 1995,” says the Federal Office of Statistics. Industry associations put the volume of conventional and electric bikes sold at €3.2 billion and of two-wheelers, parts and accessories at a whopping €6 billion.

Experts say that along with the good weather in Germany last year, a general trend toward pedal power is driving growth.

Pedelecs are particularly in demand. Sales of them rose 36 % from 2017 to 2018.

And Germans are not only buying more bicycles – they’re also paying more for them. The average price for a bike in Germany these days is €756.

At the “VELO Berlin” April 2019 © GTAI/Jefferson Chase