Billions for AI-related Research

January 2019

Germany is putting some real cash behind artificial intelligence (AI).

In mid-November, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the federal government would devote EUR 3 billion to AI-related research and development until 2025. The funds will go, for example, to create at least 100 additional professorships at German universities and to establish new institutions.

In a first step, EUR 500 million of this total will be included in the 2019 federal budget. The government estimates that AI has the potential to generate about EUR 32 billion in added valued in the manufacturing industry alone over the next five years, and that it has created almost 250,000 new jobs since 2010.

The newly announced investments are part of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy recently adopted by the Federal Cabinet, which aims to make Germany one of the world’s leaders in the field by formulating clear goals and providing targeted support for research as well as the transfer of research results to industry and real-world application.

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