Billions for Research Centers in Germany’s Coal-Producing Regions

October 2022

With Germany phasing out coal-based power , alternative opportunities and sectors are opening up in the country’s traditional mining areas. As part of the government initiatives to support that transition , the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) says more than EUR three billion will be invested in two major research centers in the east of the country.

The city of Görlitz and the town of Ralbitz-Rosenthal in the district of Bautzen will become home to the German Research Center for Astrophysics, while the city of Delitzsch will host the Center for the Transformation of Chemistry.

Among the former’s tasks will be to develop new semiconductor sensors and silicon optics for observatories. One focus of the latter will be creating circular economies and “sustainable chemistry,” based on renewable and recyclable raw materials.

In announcing the allocation of funds, German Minister of Education and Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger said the new institutes would give the areas in question a “distinctly scientific profile.”

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