“Black Magic” Energy Storage

May 2019

The Bitterfeld-Wolfen area has been a center for cutting-edge R&D for more than 125 years – and shows no signs of slowing down. For example, at the Technology and Founders’ Center (TGZ) in its chemical park, researchers with the company Black Magic are developing revolutionary energy-storage systems.

A pilot plant produces Black Magic’s patented curved graphene, which dramatically boosts the performance and efficiency of ultracapacitors. As a result they can discharge stored energy very quickly and powerfully and be recharged very fast. This technology is of great interest in fields such as logistics, space travel and the automotive industry. For instance, it is already being used on double-decker buses in London to achieve an reduction in emissions of some 36 percent.

Black Magic is part of the Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies group, which develops storage systems for physical energy using carbon. Black Magic intends to produce 40 tons of curved graphene at its pilot facility in the TGZ and then another 400 tons in a future facility in the chemical park. That’s enough to produce 4 million cells for ultracapacitors or 300,000 48-volt systems for electric cars. Ultracapacitor cells are also produced in Germany – in Großröhrsdorf, Saxony – while final assembly is performed in Tallinn.

These figures make Black Magic the world’s largest manufacturer of curved graphene. In fact, it is the only company in Europe – and one of only a handful in the world – to do so. Skeleton reportedly chose the site in Saxony-Anhalt due to the excellent know-how and engineering services available there.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen panorama © PUNCTUM Bertram Kober