Blockchain Energy

February 2020

Blockchain technology provides interesting use cases for the German energy industry. Several projects are underway, for instance in the northern German city of Hamburg.

A decentralized energy-trading platform called Enerchain got up and running in May 2019 and is expected to improve efficiency of transmission.

Enyway is a decentralized online marketplace that offers green electricity from solar power, wind energy and hydropower.

ETIBLOGG project aims to develop blockchain-based solutions to make trading even the smallest amounts of energy more efficient and faster, for instance, by allowing neighbors to trade electricity.

And the NEW 4.0 Innovation Alliance, one of the five so-called “SINTEG Model Regions” and a frame for numerous energy projects, allows the grid to better absorb the periodic surpluses produced between Hamburg and the state of Schleswig-Holstein to the north, preventing wind turbines from being shut down.

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