BM Bioscience Technology Expands

May 2019

The thriving healthcare and medical technology sectors of the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern continue to grow. BM Bioscience Technology GmbH in Laage, near Rostock, is building a new production center. It will manufacture complete filter systems for the international market to be used, for example, to combat autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, heart-muscle diseases, sepsis, and kidney and liver diseases.
The company, founded in 2017, is a joint venture of the German firm MedTec Holding GmbH and the Chinese firm Biolight Healthcare. The EUR 10 million investment is expected to create up to 35 jobs in an initial phase. The healthcare sector of the northeastern German state currently employs some 150,000 people, or roughly 20 percent of the workforce (national state average: 16.5%). Since 2006, the sector has grown in the state at an average annual rate of 4.7 percent (national state average: 2.6%).