Accelerated Schedule

October 2019

BMW is putting the pedal to metal with its electric vehicles. The Bavarian automotive giant is gunning to offer 25 electric models by the year 2023. Originally, the company’s target was 2025.

BMW hasn’t released a new all-electric vehicle since the launch of the BMW i3 in 2013, but now it plans to roll out a series of new all-electric vehicles over the next few years.

The Mini Electric is set to go on the market by the end of 2019, while the BMW iX3, an all-electric SUV, is planned for sale next year. The BMW i4, an all-electric sedan, and the BMW iNEXT, an all-electric crossover, will hit showrooms in 2021.

BMW boss Harald Krüger has demanded that the company increase sales of its electric vehicles by 30 percent a year. The Bavarians are also making their hybrid cars more environmentally friendly by equipping them to drive automatically in electric mode when they enter environmental zones.

BMW i3 cars © BMW Group