Bosch Announces New Rapid Coronavirus Test

March 2020

The health care division of world-renowned German company Bosch announced on March 26 that it has developed a test kit for COVID-19 and nine other viral respiratory illnesses. The kit was designed together with UK firm Randox Laboratories from a manual COVID-19 test that has only been in existence for a few weeks.

The “Vivalytic platform,” as it’s known, is toured as easy enough to use in clinics and medical practices without any laboratory personnel. Bosch says the test yields results within 2.5 hours and is 95 percent accurate.

Samples are “taken from the patient’s nose or throat using a swab and placed in the cartridge without any complex preparation,” Bosch said on its website. “The Vivalytic analyser then fully automatically processes the cartridge, which already contains all the reagents required for the test. Since the system in each cartridge is isolated, the risk of infection during handling is minimized.”

Shortages of effective coronavirus tests have been a major obstacle in worldwide efforts to contain and combat the global pandemic. Bosch says the test kits will be released in April.

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