Bremen’s Rockets

European launcher hails from the Hanseatic city.

March 2020

Everyone wants a place in space: Telecommunications companies are lining up to fire satellites into space in order to guarantee their customers better Internet supply.

Many of the rockets are made in Bremen by the ArianeGroup. The manufacturer of the new launcher Ariane 6 has been building rocket parts since May 2019. In their state-of-the-art new production hall, engineers are assembling 20-station components for the upper stage, such as huge tanks for liquid hydrogen and oxygen.

ArianeGroup can build up to 12 of the upper grade rockets here a year – almost twice as many as its predecessor, Ariane 5, and 40 percent more economically.

The new facility will make Bremen one of the most important space locations in Europe and could create lucrative opportunities for suppliers from the region. According to the ArianeGroup, eight orders have already been received and the first flight is planned for 2020.

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