Bringing AI to the Soccer Pitch

November 2020

To get good results you need good strategy, both in business and sports. That was what led Hyunwook Kang to move his artificial-intelligence-based soccer analysis platform bepro11 from Seoul to Hamburg in 2017.

“The largest soccer market is in Europe,” Kang told the Korean edition of Wired magazine. “If bepro11 cannot survive in Europe, it does not make any sense for me to continue this business.” Kang ended up in northern Germany because a close friend was working with a Hamburg-based sports marketing company. Since moving to the city, bepro11 has racked up one success after another, twice raising around USD 10 million.

The bepro11 platform encompasses both camera systems and software. With the help of AI, clubs can better analyze their own players’ and opponents’ performance on crosses and clearances, set pieces and “give-and-gos.”

Scores of clubs in professional leagues from Asia and Europe already use the bepro11 system. Kang himself was named in Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30 Asia 2019: Enterprise Technology” list.

The AI-based soccer analysis platform bepro11 can help teams dramatically better their own players’ performance and respond to opponents’ strengths. © Dmytro Aksonov/Getty Images