Cable-Free Elevator

July, 2017

There’s a major new tourist attraction near the southern German city of Rottweil. Visitors can take a panorama elevator to a platform 232 meters up to get an unbeatable view of the surrounding hills and forests. Hidden inside the 256-meter concrete colossus are 12 shafts that thyssenkrupp Elevator AG is using to demonstrate the future of elevator technology.

The gravity-defying lift, which has been developed by a 30-person team as part of the “Multi” project, uses the same magnetic levitation (maglev) technology found in some high-speed monorail trains like the one in Shanghai, China. Having been “freed” from cables, these next-generation elevators will be able to move horizontally, and a single shaft will be able to hold multiple cars.

The imposing test tower in the city of Rottweil contains 12 different shafts in which thyssenkrupp Elevator AG is testing the elevator technologies of the future, with maximum speeds of 64.8 km/h.

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