Start-Up Matchmaking

February 2020

Dating platforms for fledgling entrepreneurs and curious investors? The idea isn’t as bizarre as it may appear at first glance. Platforms like Germany’s Capmatcher promise to introduce people who have great ideas and need money to people who have money and are looking for great ideas.

Capmatcher uses intelligent technology – the founders chafe at the term “AI” – to pair up entrepreneurs with suitable investors. In return for a 50 euro fee, the latter can contact up to ten start-ups a month.

The platform also filters start-ups and company information so that investors aren’t flooded with useless data. Capmatcher is active in 14 countries and in five langauges.

“Right now we’re working with the Danish consulate in Munich,” says Capmatcher founder Boris Hardi. “Danish start-ups are always trying to find investors from Germany and do business with German companies via the consulate.”

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