Back from the Edge

Like many regions, northern Bavaria faced challenging changes after German reunification. However, the traditional ceramics industry survived by playing to its strengths and is now attracting investors from America and Japan.

Solar’s German Comeback

On the back of a record year for renewable energy sources, experts are particularly hailing a comeback for solar power after some difficult years at the start of the millennium.

Better Than Their Reputation

Many people in the west are concerned about the number of businesses being taken over by Chinese buyers. But a team of researchers from the network “Econopol Europe,” led by the head of Germany’s prestigious Ifo Institute, suggests that such fears may be misplaced.

Germany Announces €2 Billion Startup “Booster” to Combat Coronavirus Impact

The German government is readying a massive cash injection to help innovative young companies ride out economic difficulties.

Qualified Migrants

As far as people with higher degrees are concerned, migration is a net-sum gain for Germany and a safeguard against “brain drain.”.

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University Grades

Germany’s universities get high marks for innovation.

Germany’s E-Mobile Valley

The automotive metropolis of Stuttgart is spearheading a shift from gasoline and diesel toward electricity and hydrogen. Companies from the field of e-mobility can capitalize on the restructuring that is taking place in Baden-Württemberg, for example as suppliers to car makers.

Bosch Announces New Rapid Coronavirus Test

The health care division of world-renowned German company Bosch announced on March 26 that it has developed a test kit for COVID-19 and nine other viral respiratory illnesses.

Germany Devotes €150 Million to Connect Research Hospitals into Anti-Corona Network

The country’s many centers of research excellence will now be centrally linked to speed efforts to combat the pandemic.