Cashless Craze in Germany

The company KOALA has developed an app allowing customers to scan the prices of items themselves when they take them down from shelves. That allows shoppers to skip waiting in line at check-out counters.

Ada Health: Strategic Partnership with Samsung

The concept of Ada Health has convinced the 500-million-euro strong Catalyst Fund at Samsung to conclude a strategic partnership with the Berlin start-up.

Rich & Deep in R&D

Halle’s Weinberg Campus Technology Park is a prime location in eastern Germany for international R&D in the fields of life sciences and materials sciences. Since opening its doors in 1993, it has provided a platform for around 250 start-ups.

German Music-Making A Sound Investment

What sounds great and is worth upwards of €1bn? Germany’s music making industry, which spans everything from Bechstein pianos to digital tools that can simulate any instrument under the sun. Check it out in our new video.

Battery Go-Ahead

The coronavirus pandemic has put the kibosh on many companies’ plans around the globe but not those of battery producer AKASOL. The company’s second serial production line for lithium-ion battery systems at its Langen, Germany, production site is now operational – six months ahead of schedule.

Comeback Kids

The coronavirus pandemic has confronted businesses across the globe with a host of challenges, leaving many to fear for their very existence. But companies in a handful of sectors actually saw their fortunes reverse due to disruption resulting from the crisis.

Digital- Environmental Agenda

This spring, the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety published a catalogue of 70 measures it touted as the world’s first-ever digital-environmental agenda.

Indian and German Start-Ups Cooperate

Technology and IT support will benefit Germany.

Germany Sets New Renewable Heating Record

According to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, more than two-thirds (67.2 percent) of all new residential buildings completed in 2019 are wholly or partially heated using renewable sources. That’s a new record.