“KfW Capital” Launched

Germany’s KfW state-owned development bank launched a new wholly owned subsidiary at the end of last year to enhance the venture capital (VC) and venture debt (VD) funding landscape in Germany and Europe and to thereby make it easier for such companies to gain access to capital during the crucial expansion phase.

Infineon Cooperates with Denso

Infineon Technologies, Germany’s largest chip maker, announced that it was strengthening its long-term collaboration with Denso to bolster its automotive business.

Grants for Innovative Ideas

Since 2016, the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WT.SH) has been awarding grants to help promising students and university graduates in the northern state turn their innovative ideas into successful companies.

Green Electricity at Purchase Price

“Why buy your electricity when you can generate your own?” is a question that the Hamburg-based startup Enyway would like German consumers to ask themselves.

Volkswagen Goes Electric

The Group plans to invest about EUR 44 billion – or about 1/3 of total expenditures – in e-mobility, autonomous driving, new mobility services and digitalization by 2023.

3D Geodata

Having up-to-date, high-resolution, high-precision and 3D geodata is crucial in a lot of industries.

Energy Efficiency Network

At the end of last year, the network was proud to announce that it had reached the milestone of 200 such networks, which include a total of more than 1,800 companies and 22 industry networks.

Innovative Recycling of Construction Waste

Over the past three years, four Fraunhofer institutes have been working together as part of a EUR 3.3 million project to find innovative ways to recycle waste construction material while also responding to shortages in construction materials.

Storing Surplus Electricity

The huge battery complex has a storage capacity of up to 25MWh.

Children Design Their Own Toys

The child-friendly software, useable on either PCs or tablets, provides a digital construction kit that lets children turn their imagination into reality.