Common Goals in Madrid

Germany Trade & Invest and the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce complement their services in order to create business opportunities for German and Spanish companies in both countries. How exactly do they cooperate and what binds these two major euro economies together?

Making Cash While on Vacation

The company organizes for people arriving at the airport to rent the vehicles of those who have flown away from it.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in Germany

Germany is getting closer to having its own terminal for liquid natural gas (LNG), which can be used for heating and power generation as well as for shipping and transport.

Booming German Shipbuilding

The number of people employed in the German shipbuilding sector has risen by 7.3 percent over the previous year, to reach almost 17,000, which is the highest level since 2009.

New Innovation Promotion Agency

Germany’s Federal Cabinet approved the creation of a new agency to give longer-term support to innovative concepts and ideas.

Eco-Friendly Logistics Center

Trans-o-flex, an express courier service that specializes in transporting pharmaceuticals and other high-end temperature-sensitive goods is investing around EUR 17 million to build a consolidated high-tech logistics center and e-vehicle charging station.

Ubisoft Studio in Berlin

In late autumn, at a party with over 100 invited guests, the French video game giant Ubisoft celebrated the opening of its new studio in Berlin.

Compounding Success

Huge salt plant for food & pharma.

An Algorithm for Jetlag?

Optimally adjusting the body clock.