Not Heavy. Not Metal.

“Made in Germany” carbon fiber super plastics.

’s no Problem

Artificial ski slopes made from mats.

Old to Gold

Berlin-based startup Auto1 has quickly become the biggest used car dealer in Europe, thanks in part to foreign investors who saw the potential in the fast-growing company and the rising demand for used cars over new vehicles.

Beyond The Grade

Finding the truth behind the numbers.

Expansion in Thuringia

The Doka Group, an Austria-based producer and supplier of formwork for the construction sector, will expand the logistics center it built in Apolda (Thuringia) in 2013 to turn it into a European distribution center.

Digital Start-Up Center “Lagarde1”

The center will help foster collaboration between companies, universities and startups on issues ranging from digital business models, logistics, Industry 4.0, e-health, big data and e-commerce.

A Tale of Two Smart Cities

Urbanization and climate change are creating mounting challenges for cities around the world. Smart city projects across Germany are developing and testing new solutions and sustainable models for the cities of tomorrow.

Berlin Gets Siemens’ Silicon Valley

Siemens €600m investment signs Germany’s future as an industrial location.

Beach Inspectors

A new Berlin-based startup is now making it easier for beach fans to find the perfect place to soak up some rays.