Chemical Attraction

Germany’s chemicals sector is the largest in Europe and also one of the most innovative in the world. While its strength lies in producing basic chemicals efficiently, it also has a few lucrative secrets up its sleeve.

Garage Brands

Berlin’s Motionlab is an innovative project in a pair of hulking former warehouses in the German capital.

Several German Cities in European FDI Ranking

Several German citites appeared in the recently published FDI Intelligence report “European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21”. Check out our video to see which cities made the ranks.

Green Search Engine Now on Google

Berlin start-up Ecosia, which has developed the world’s first ecological search engine, is now playing in the big leagues. That’s after Internet giant Google announced it was adding Ecosia as a default setting on its search bar alongside Google Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo.

Turkish Software in Dusseldorf

Visionex Germany…that’s the name of the new German subsidiary of Turkish software company Vizyoneks Bilgi Teknolojileri.

Resin Record

Europe’s largest facility for producing industrial hydrocarbon resin opened in August 2019 in the western German town of Castrop-Rauxel.

States of Flux

Thirty years after German reunification, many regions in eastern Germany are still undergoing structural change. The economy in the West is also changing, for a variety of reasons. On the upside, these developments provide promising opportunities for foreign companies.

Working Moms

Munich entrepreneur Sandra Westermann started her company Superheldin to provide the sort of service she herself once wished she had.

Structural Change = Creative Solutions

Structural change in Germany offers foreign investors a myriad of opportunities. Marco Wanderwitz, the Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States, explains how the state supports foreign direct investment.