Japan and Germany in “Wa” (Harmony)

GTAI’s “man in Japan” on a very sepcial business realtionship and JGIF 2017.

The Power of Tiny

Germany’s increasing importance in the global semiconductor market and how microelectronics will change our world.

Young Europeans

The next generation of entrepreneurs believe in a strong EU.

Small is Beautiful

The strength of Germany’s 2.5m small and medium companies.

Robot Revolution

A look at the investment landscape in the growing field of robotics, from production through to healthcare.

Top Investment 2017 in Schleswig-Holstein

Energy storage is vital to maintaining a sustainable supply of energy. That’s why Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation constructed Europe’s largest battery system: EnspireME, a subsidized project located in Jardelund, in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Output: 48 megawatts. Storage capacity: over 50 megawatts per hour.

»It is very exciting to follow the new technological developments«

Interview with Oliver Seiler