One to Watch: TechSpaghetti

Leah Hinton taught literacy and digital arts in schools for ten years in her native New Zealand and Europe, before she launches the educational software studio behind the hit language app Hey Monster! English for Kids.

Introducing de:hubs

Unlike centralized Silicon Valley, there are twelve separate digital hubs (“de:hubs”) in Germany. Here, foreign founders and investors find the perfect mix of sustainable networks, excellent research facilities, established economies and innovative startups.

Get Set, e.GO!

The compact e.GO Drive 20 will democratize electric and self-driving cars. We talk to the company’s managing director.

The New Interface of Engineering

As a global leader in the Industrial Internet of Things, foreign investors are flocking to Germany.

The Secret Agents of Industry 4.0

Sensors are the eyes and ears of Industry 4.0.

Berlin Startup with U.S. Roots

Berlin startup Relayr has an American founder and backing from the prominent U.S. venture capital fund Kleiner Perkins.

»Germany sets the global standards for security in the Industrial Internet of Things«

Interview with Lars Nagel, Managing Director of the Industrial Data Space Association.