More and More Mail Order in Germany

Germans love to shop, but increasingly they prefer doing so without actually going to stores.

Going Cashless

German consumers can be fairly conservative, but they’re now catching on to the advantages of paying for purchases without physical money.

Great Games

The 2019 Game of the Year Award for German language board and card games has gone to “Just One” by Ludovic Roudy und Bruno Sautter.

Intoxicating Innovation

Germany’s second largest beer producer Oettinger has come up with a beer mixed drink using hemp. With an ABV of only 2.5 percent, it contains beer, green tea and herbal extracts, and THC.

Trade up Your Tractor

A Hamburg-based start-up, E-Farm, now active on four continents, has developed a mobile app and online platform that makes it easy to advertise, search for, and purchase a wide range of second-hand farm machinery.

Money Service for Migrants

The Leipzig-based FinTech company Q-lipay is helping immigrants in Europe and the U.S. pay bills and buy products and services for their loved ones worldwide – and it’s all done safely, cheaply, and in real time.

Online Commerce Award

The 2019 German Online Commerce award for best customer service went to the music supply store Thomann, which sells everything from guitar strings to vocoder synthesizers to 2200-watt PA systems.

Bicycle Boom

Experts say that along with the good weather in Germany last year, a general trend toward pedal power is driving growth.

Cashless Payment

According to a survey of 435 retail businesses by the research organization EHI, for the first time ever, in 2018 Germans paid more often with credit or debit cards (48.6%) than cash (48.3%) for their retail purchases.