The Leisure Boom

Germany is flying the flag as the most popular destination for city breaks, reinforcing its strong position in the international tourism market. The trend is driven by bookings from European culture vultures and young people.

FinTech Shifts its Axis

Due to uncertainty in the market after the Brexit referendum, many FinTech companies and investors are now moving to Germany. From insurance to crypto-finance and SME lending, Germany’s startup cities are welcoming the new disruptors of finance.

“Too Good for the Bin”

Germany’s Federal Government recently set itself the ambitious goal of reducing the annual food waste of consumers and retailers by half by 2030.

Lufthansa’s Co-Creator Pilots

“The happy journey of tomorrow”

Ten Tons of Fungi a Day

New mushroom park in Saxony is one of the biggest in Europe.

Eco-Friendly Fence Hub

About an investment of some €11m to build two massive greenhouses.