Cycling Industry Back on Track

One German sector that’s been quick to recover from the effects of the coronavirus lockdown is cycling. While turnover in two-wheelers dipped as bike shops were prohibited from opening, businesses bounced back quickly when the lockdown was eased.

German Ministry Invests Record Sum in Corona Vaccine Development

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research is putting up to EUR 750 million into national efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine. This money comes on top of what Germany is already investing in international efforts to come up with a vaccine.

3D Printing from Australia: Expansion to Germany in Times of Corona

Australian maker of 3D printers SPEE3D hasn’t let the Covid-19 pandemic hinder the founding of a German subsidiary. And the company may have an ace up its sleeve.

Corona: The Unlikely Connection Between Face Masks and Communist East Germany

Three decades on from the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification, the communist period in the east has largely been consigned to history. But there is one significant trace of the socialist past still evident in the world’s reaction to the coronavirus.

New Corona Antibody Test Made in Germany “99.8 Percent Accurate”

Researchers in Penzberg, Bavaria have developed the test for Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche that is being hailed as a “milestone” in the fight against the corona-virus.

Corona: Massive Increase in Germany‘s Faith in Science During Crisis

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is a huge rise in Germans’ trust in scientists and researchers.

Corona: German Consumer Habits Change During Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to modify their behavior in a variety of areas, including what they purchase. A number of trends are beginning to coalesce.

Corona: German Startups Defying the Crisis and Raising Money

The corona lockdown in Germany has hit smaller businesses particularly hard, but as the German edition of Business Insider recently researched, a surprising number of fledgling companies are bucking the trend and attracting millions in investment capital.

3D Printing Providing Quick Solutions to Covid-19 Crisis

Additive manufacturing technologies have an important role to play in the supply of materials in the corona crisis, with urgently needed components being produced in short lead times.

Corona: Germany Inspires Cautious Optimism

Experts from a variety of institutes and other sources see positive signs concerning both Germany’s response to the coronavirus crisis and the effect that it will have on the country’s economy.