German Government Plans Corona Vaccine Contracts Until End of Decade

Germany’s governing cabinet has drawn up contracts with five companies to deliver anti-coronavirus vaccines until 2029. The companies in question are BioNTech, Curevac/GSK, Wacker/CordenPharma, Celonic and IDT.

Munich Scientists Use Enzyme to Destroy Covid RNA

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) – together with colleagues Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and German Research Center for Environmental Health Helmholtz Zentrum München – have made a discovery they say could be used to treat Covid-19 infections.

Berlin Scientists Draw Connection Between Covid-19 and Immune System

Researchers at the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and the Charité Hospital, together with colleagues from university hospitals in Bonn and Aachen, have linked a certain type of T cells with especially deadly cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus.

German Ministry Funds Three New Covid-19 Treatments

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research is investing EUR 24.3 million in Covid-19 medication candidates being developed by the pharmaceutical companies Proteo Biotech, rnatics and Evotec International.

German University Develops Anti-Viral Light Curtain

Researchers at the Tropical Institute of the Ludwig Maximillian University (LMU) Clinic in Munich have come up with a novel way to prevent the spread of virus-carrying aerosols: a pathogen-killing barrier of ultraviolet light.

Germany Puts Millions into Long-Covid Research

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research is funding ten scholarly projects to better understand the lasting consequence of so-called Long Covid.

BioNTech’s 16-Billion-Euro Boon for German Pharma

“It’s not often that a single product catapults a whole industry upward,” writes business newspaper Handelsblatt, but then again the product offered by German coronavirus vaccine developer BioNTech is no ordinary one.

Corona Barely Slowed Establishment of New German Businesses

The effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the plans of entrepreneurs setting up new companies in Germany has been far less than many feared.

German Chemical Industry Rebounds from Corona in a Big Way

EUR 111 billion in turnover and a 12 percent rise compared with a year ago – those are the record-setting figures published by the Association of the Chemicals Industry (VCI) for the first half of 2021.

German University Invents Corona Turbo-Test

A university medical clinic in the western German city of Bonn has come up with a coronavirus test, called LAMP-Seq, that is both ultrasensitive and scalable, so that thousands of samples can be analyzed simultaneously. That gives it a huge potential for use in companies, schools and kindergartens.