Top Investments 2022 in Thuringia

In 2022, Thuringia again proved its attractiveness as a business, investment and tourism location that attracts investors and also offers good conditions for expansion for those companies that are already operating in the Free State and want to expand here. LEG successfully accompanied numerous projects in its anniversary year: founded in 1992, the Erfurt-based economic development agency celebrated its 30th year.

Top Investments 2022 in Berlin

For the second year in a row, Berlin has been voted as the startup capital. Traditional company Mercedes Benz opened its Mercedes-Benz Digital Factory Campus in 2022, and with the AMBER brand, regional competencies and the transparency of the synergy potential between 3D printing actors and industry will be bundled.

Top Investments 2022 in Bremen

Around 8 million euros were invested by foreign companies in the federal state of Bremen in 2022. The northern German city scored particularly well in the technology sector, but also in the transport and logistics sector.

Decarbonizing the Data Industry

Germany’s data center sector is expanding like never before and simultaneously undergoing a quiet revolution in energy efficiency. International companies are helping make the physical act of processing information better for the environment.

Port of Hamburg Tests Long-Distance Logistics Control

More than 2000 kilometers separate the Estonian capital Tallinn from Munich. Nonetheless, HHLA – the company that runs the port of Hamburg (distance from Tallinn: over 1800 kilometers) – is currently testing a system that allows operators in the Bavarian capital to remotely control trucks in the box terminal in the Estonian city.

Germany to Roll Out Digital Electricity Meters

The governing German cabinet is putting forward legislation to kick-start the use of so-called smart electricity meters. The new technology will allow consumers to adjust their power consumption to times when electricity is less expensive and react to fluctuations in the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Germany Invests 200 Million in Health IT

As part of the expansion phase of its Medicine Information Technology Initiative (MII), the German government will be putting some EUR 200 million into data-based health research. The funds will be allocated between now and 2026.

German Hologram Headset Improves Factory Design

So-called mixed reality is about combining the strengths of humans and machination, and researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA have come up with an application that helps businesses use the technology to plan space more efficiently.

One to Watch: Reetu Kainulainen, CEO and Co-Founder of Ultimate

Reetu Kainulainen laid the foundation for the virtual agent platform Ultimate at a hackathon in Helsinki in 2016.

Best of 2022

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