»Process automation is still both a curse and a blessing.«

The digitalization of business services presents companies with significant challenges. Stephan Fricke talks to Markets Germany about chatbots, changing job profiles, and the opportunities automation brings.

Global Going Local

TMF Group is a global professional services company that helps international companies set up businesses in new markets. Markets Germany talks to the managing director of TMF Germany about the current trends in the German market.

World’s First Trading Place for Bitcoin

In what is being hailed as a milestone for the world of cryptocurrencies, Stuttgart saw the launch of the world’s first trading place for Bitcoin and competitors organized by a regulated stock exchange operator.

New German Federal Cybersecurity Agency

The Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity will support key cybersecurity technologies with high potential for innovation and will be in charge of coordinating the entire research process (from initial idea to final product) and investing in emerging cybersecurity technologies.

Flourishing German Fintech/Insurtech Scene

The Berlin-based startup wefox has brought in EUR 110 million in equity capital – more than any other German insurance startup – boosting total investments to some EUR 151 million.

Shipping Getting Digital

Hamburg, home of the second-busiest port in Europe, is helping bring the industry into the digital age.

FinTech’s New Home

Foreign investors are lining up to invest in Germany’s FinTech hubs in the hope of backing the next game-changing financial technology. Frankfurt and Berlin, as well as Munich and Cologne, are all gaining momentum as digital financial centers.

Real-Time Communication

5G promises a brave new world of inter-connectivity that will transform our homes, transportation, the workplace, and industrial processes. It also brings with it a wave of exciting new investment opportunities.