Firms Set to Profit from Corona Vaccine Rollout

The world is waiting anxiously as the first coronavirus vaccines are being approved and tested for approval. But companies responsible for the logistics of getting those vaccines to people, once they are admitted for use, are already springing into action.

German Supercomputer Sets Pace in Europe

Juwel is German for jewel, and the new JUWELS Booster Module supercomputer at the Jülich Forschungszentrum (Research Center) certainly is a gem.

Deploying Drones in Hamburg

The northern German city of Hamburg has just deployed the first autonomous waterborne drone for surveying waterways.

Chinese billions for German battery plant

Chinese battery manufacturer SVOLT Energy Technology Company is establishing a new two-billion-euro facility for producing cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries in the German state of Saarland.

Hitting the Gas: H2 Is the Future

With billions of euros in government investment and ample infrastructure already in place, Germany’s hydrogen sector is the next big thing. Foreign investors are actively encouraged to join the country’s hydrogen revolution.

Electronics Sales Up in Germany

One sector in Germany that is profiting from the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic is electronics.

Tier Scooters Sweep Up $250 Million

Japanese high-tech investor Softbank is putting USD 250 million into the German firm „Tier“ and its fleet of vaguely fluorescent aquamarine vehicles

Germany: Ripe for Investment

GTAI’s new report on foreign direct investment shows that Germany remains a top destination for global investors.

The Brexit Effect

Increasing numbers of British companies are setting up new bases in Germany in order to maintain an all-important foothold in the European Union. There has been a surge in the number of companies wishing to extend trademarks and patents into the trade bloc.

Germany Stays Top of “Nation Brand” Ranking

Germany leads the pack the pack in the 2020 Anhalt Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI). It’s the fourth straight year and the sixth time overall that Germany topped the annual ranking of fifty countries by the French market research group.