Dresden Project Uses AI to Improve Semiconductor Production

Making microchips requires completely sterile environments and lots of ultrapure water. That always meant, in turn, that the control valves for such water had to be laboriously monitored by human beings. But not any more.

Germany Cleans Up in EU Microchip Funding

The European Union’s 4.6-billion-euro ECSEL (Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership) program has funded its final 14 projects, and 13 of them feature German participation.

Munich’s 5G Tech Lab

The place to be for young entrepreneurs into 5G right now is Munich’s Wayra 5G Tech Lab, a project created by the Telefónica/O2’s in-house start up accelerator, Wayra Germany.

Germany Gets First 3D-Printed House

The town of Beckum is the location of the first-ever domestic residence in country that was made by additive manufacturing.

Dresden Start-Up “Liberates” Robots with Wi-Fi

Many state-of-the-art robotic systems require 5G technologies, but that creates some problems. 5G networks are relatively expensive, and dead spots can potentially render robots non-operational or even dangerous.

Big Thing in Small

One up-and-coming industry attracting the attention of international companies is micro/nano engineering. A cluster has coalesced in the eastern German state of Thuringia, a part of the country best known for its excellence in optics.

Innovative EV Charger Makes Own Electricity

With charging infrastructure being a major challenge to the spread of e-mobility, ME Energy’s solution could be a game changer.

FDI Perspective: Battery Boom in Thuringia

When the biggest manufacturer of e-vehicle batteries in the world announced it was building a EUR 1.8 billion plant in Thuringia, eastern Germany, it gave other foreign companies confidence to follow.

Germany Puts €2 Billion into Quantum Computing

The German government has announced a massive five-year investment intended to bolster competitive quantum computer technology and create a surrounding eco-system for users.

German Photonics Come into Focus

Germany’s optics and photonics sector is growing vigorously and attracting major foreign investment. Its applications span from optical components for communications and medical technology to quantum computing and even space exploration.