Geothermal Energy: “Heat Turnaround”

They are calling it the “heat turnaround” in specialist circles, in a nod to Germany’s larger “energy turnaround.”

From Green Power to Green Fuel

The Dresden-based cleantech company Sunfire has developed an innovative, highly efficient technology to store and redistribute renewable energy – all while building on existing infrastructure.

No More “Virgin” Plastics

German sportswear giant Adidas announced that it will only use recycled plastics by 2024.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in Germany

Germany is getting closer to having its own terminal for liquid natural gas (LNG), which can be used for heating and power generation as well as for shipping and transport.

Milestone on the Path to a Green Future

According to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), solar, wind, hydro and biomass generated 118 billion kWh of electricity in the first half of 2018.

Tourist Buses in Berlin Go Green

Beginning in 2019, a group of companies plans to convert former Berlin buses that are currently being used for tourists, switching out their diesel drives for electric ones


The Berlin-based startup GreenPack is now offering 48 V interchangeable batteries that can be charged and used in clusters for a range of vehicles and equipment (e.g., lawnmowers).

Going Green on Germany’s Catwalks

As far back as the 1970s, some of today’s global German brands began establishing themselves as a symbol for sustainability.