One to Watch: Adam Hill, Fussball-Experience

Scotsman Adam Hill revived his childhood dreams in 2018 in Düsseldorf by launching the Fussball-Experience. The self-funded venture uses the ‘beautiful game’ to inspire and motivate young people by taking them on ‘insider’ tours of Germany’s Bundesliga clubs and stadia.

Engineering Change

Dr. Volker Kefer, president of The Association of German Engineers (VDI), argues that Germany owes its reputation as a technical and manufacturing powerhouse to its engineers. However, engineers must train across disciplines to stay on top in the era of digitalization.

Hospitals are Becoming Smart Hospitals

Pierre-Michael Meier, general manager of Entscheiderfabrik, strongly believes that clinics should develop new digital business models in order to stay competitive and keep up with innovations in healthcare.

Sum of its Parts

A new economic report shows that Germany’s decentralized economy is one of its greatest strengths. Mario Ohoven, president of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses, explains how fragmentation has led to greater prosperity.

Centrifugal force

Silicon Valley FinTech legend Maex Ament chose Berlin as the base for his first blockchain company, Centrifuge. He tells Markets Germany why he is thrilled by the dynamic scene in the German startup capital.

The Crypto Evangelist

Energy consultant Strüker believes big energy companies can build scalable, new business models on an open blockchain.

»Germany sets the global standards for security in the Industrial Internet of Things«

Interview with Lars Nagel, Managing Director of the Industrial Data Space Association.

Small is Beautiful

The strength of Germany’s 2.5m small and medium companies.