Decarbonizing Deutschland

The new government under Chancellor Olaf Scholz is repositioning German society and the German economy with an even sharper focus on decarbonization.

Hydrogen Holds A Key to A Green Germany

Innovative German companies are demonstrating how green hydrogen could help turn the tide toward a cleaner economy.

Electrifying the Market

As the German government ramps up investment into the country’s charging network, it’s a good time for foreign investors to join the e-revolution.

German IT Goes Green

Digitalization can be both a curse and a blessing from a sustainability standpoint. More and more firms are therefore investing in sustainable options.

Non-Plastic Fantastic

The European Union has dramatically restricted single-use plastics and may eliminate them entirely. That’s shaken up the market in favor of product developers who are able to think outside of conventional containers.

Virtuous Circles

Waste not, want not, runs the old adage, but traditionally, Germany has been more interested in recycling than in circular-economies. All that’s starting to change.

Why Germans Love Cargo Bikes

The demand for cargo pedal bikes and light electric logistics vehicles is growing in Germany. Consumers and delivery companies are looking for nimbler and more sustainable alternatives to cars and vans for shorter journeys.