Persistence in a Pandemic

As cases of Covid-19 surged again across the world last fall, German authorities took quick action to limit infection numbers. The measures were typical of Germany’s response to the unprecedented situation: attempting to balance economic concerns with necessary and timely health interventions.

Adaptive Thinking

How one British-German designer’s problem-solving acuity opened the door to Europe for selling Covid-adapted backpacks

Kurzarbeit In Practice

How a venerable German company used the government’s furlough program to maintain production and retain its workforce

Taking Advantage of Emergency Credit

How a family-run carpentry shop in Braunschweig – which exceeded its 2019 turnover in November 2020 – stayed solvent and got through the worst of the economic disruption

Leveraging German Expertise

How Swiss pharma group Roche is accelerating antibody and antigen testing for Covid-19 by investing heavily in its German facilities

Scientists Without Borders

How Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine breakthrough was achieved together with a previously obscure Mainz-based firm, BioNTech, which is now worth over a billion euros

Carrying On in Times of Corona

How an international green energy company is pushing ahead with expansion into Germany and starting production of hydrogen electrolyzers