Putting the E in E-Mobility

Batteries are the heart of the electric vehicle revolution. Previously, Asian imports of lithium-ion batteries dominated the European market, but production is now shifting to Europe – and Germany in particular. That means big changes and chances.

FDI Perspective: A New Giant in the East

The construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory just outside of Berlin has prompted a flood of inquiries for e-mobility-related investments in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

How Does the German Auto Industry Work?

Ever since Carl Friedrich Benz invented the world’s first internal-combustion engine automobile in 1885, the car industry has been integral to the German economy.

FDI Perspective: Battery Boom in Thuringia

When the biggest manufacturer of e-vehicle batteries in the world announced it was building a EUR 1.8 billion plant in Thuringia, eastern Germany, it gave other foreign companies confidence to follow.