Germany’s Digitalization Offers Big Business Opportunities

The new German government is committing serious resources make the country a digital leader. Companies like fintech unicorn Qonto are taking advantage of the new emphasis on 1s and 0s in Europe’s largest economy. Watch our video!

Webb Telescope: German Tech Contributes to Spectacular Images

The stunning pictures of space made by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have caused jaws to drop across planet Earth. And they are themselves the result of a global effort including the European and Canadian space agencies.

“We’ve Found the Perfect Location in Germany”

In March, Intel announced it would be building a billion-euro new microchip production facility in the eastern German city of Magdeburg. Intel Germany’s managing director Christin Eisenschmid tells Markets Germany how this record foreign direct investment came about.

Digital Logistics is Moving and Shaking German Business

Germany has traditionally been Europe‘s logistical center. But the sector is undergoing massive transformation as digital and networked logistics solutions complement railways, trucks and warehouses. Our new video has the lowdown.

Demand Explodes for Solar Installations in Germany

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office reports impressive rises in the number of businesses and households getting electricity from solar installation.

German Electronic Security Market Now Worth Almost EUR 5 Billion

Germany’s leading electronics trade organization zvei and the country’s national association for security technology bhe say that the sector grew 4.5 percent in 2021, reaching a record value of EUR 4.9 billion.

How Big Businesses Expand to Germany

Intel, Northvolt, Tesla…giant companies have recently committed billions to establishing/expanding German operations. Here’s how those massive investments came about. Watch our video!

AI Made in Germany

Experts agree that artificial intelligence (AI) will be one of the major technologies of the future. But AI is no longer just something from Silicon Valley. Germany is emerging as the ideal location for providers in Europe.

First Live Hannover Trade Fair Since Covid Opens

One of the world’s largest industrial trade fairs, the Hannover Messe, has welcomed back physical visitors after two years of online events due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Some 2500 participants will spend four days putting their innovations and ideas on display.

How Germany is Remaking its Maritime Economy

Ports and waterways are a major part of Germany, the logistics hub at the heart of Europe. But Germany’s maritime economy is changing to meet the demands and utilize the possibilities of the digital age.