Hamburg Launches Fully Automated Digital Train

The 2021 Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress of future mobility in Hamburg got off to an innovative start in mid-October with a premier: the maiden 23-kilometer trips of autonomous self-driving trains on the city’s aboveground public transport system.

Carbon Neutral Shipping Takes Big Step Forward

Container ship sets sail from Germany for first-ever voyage powered by CO2-neutral liquid natural gas.

Germany Publishes Guidelines for International Green Hydrogen Funding

The German government has set the criteria for awarding EUR 350 million up for grabs between now and the end of 2024 for green hydrogen projects outside the country.

Germany Cleans Up in EU Microchip Funding

The European Union’s 4.6-billion-euro ECSEL (Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership) program has funded its final 14 projects, and 13 of them feature German participation.

Dresden University Builds Giant Flywheel Energy Storage

The Technical University of Dresden hopes that bigger will not only be better but also point down a new path for the future.

Telekom and Softbank Invest Big in German IoT Firm

Communications giant Telekom and its investment partner Softbank say they’re putting USD 50 million into innovative German newcomer IoT firm 1nce.

“Commercially we have to be here to place our systems”

Markets Germany asked Intuitive Surgical Germany Vice-President and General Manager Dirk Barten why Germany is just what the doctor ordered for his company.

Taking Part in the German Battery Boom

We spoke with GTAI automotive expert Stefan Di Bitonto and SVOLT Vice-President for Energy Technology (Europe) Maxim Hantsch-Kramskoj about why it makes sense to set up shop in Germany.

No Slowdown for German Logistics

The coronavirus pandemic has not dented Germany’s leading role in European and global logistics. In many respects, it has even handed the sector additional growth potential.

A Virtue of Necessity

With schools scrambling to teach children during Covid-19 lockdowns, teachers and parents discovered the value of educational technology. International companies are already finding a foothold in this rapidly growing market.