Winning Strategy for the Games Industry

Germans are mad about games of all varieties – this has become evident during the corona lockdowns. And Brexit has increased Germany’s appeal as a location for international game developers, producers and marketeers.

Germany’s New Space Liftoff

Germany is reaching for the stars as it embraces an increasingly vital and commercialized aerospace market. You can expect to see more and more German-based companies putting more and more satellites into orbit.

German Robotics Recovers, May Change Supply Chains

As was true for many sectors during the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a hard year for robotics and automation. But the industry looks headed for a major rebound

German Companies Opting for Private Clouds

Firms in Germany have generally increased their use of cloud computing service since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Handle Heat

Industrial activity is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, but facilities across the country are changing the way they operate to reduce that pollution. Foreign suppliers of environmental heating and storage technologies are profiting.

Digital Sector in Germany Feeling Optimistic

Bitkom, the main German digital industry association, has registered a significant improvement in the mood of businesses in the branch. The Bitkom monthly index shot up 5.6 points in April, reaching 38.1 points – the highest it’s been since November 2018.

German New Space Startups Double Capital Intake

Germany’s leading industrial association, the BDI, has found that the country’s new space technology market truly is taking off. In a new study, the BDI documented EUR 308 million taken in by the sector in 2020 – nearly double the sum raised in 2019.

Next Stop: Smart City

German cities are keener than ever to get smart – especially in the wake of coronavirus – and this digitalization drive is creating real opportunity for foreign businesses. The government has pledged almost a billion euros for smart city projects over the next decade.

German Photonics Come into Focus

Germany’s optics and photonics sector is growing vigorously and attracting major foreign investment. Its applications span from optical components for communications and medical technology to quantum computing and even space exploration.

Underground Hydrogen Storage

One of the great advantages of hydrogen is its capacity to store excess energy for later use, but the gas itself also has to be stored. To this end, German energy company EWE is constructing an underground storage facility in the municipality of Rüdersdorf east of Berlin.