Netherlands, Germany Launch Joint Green Hydrogen Initiative

Two Northern European neighbors are coming together to accelerate the scale-up of the new hydrogen economy.

Billions for Research Centers in Germany’s Coal-Producing Regions

With Germany phasing out coal-based power , alternative opportunities and sectors are opening up in the country’s traditional mining areas.

German Researchers Discover Plastic Recycling Enzyme

Scientists at the University of Leipzig have identified an enzyme, PHL7, that degrades PET plastic much more rapidly than previously believed possible. The discovery could revolutionize the recycling of PET plastic.

Chemical Reaction

Germany’s chemical industry is large and prosperous but it’s also one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. That needs to change if Germany is to meet its 2045 climate goals – and green hydrogen is at the heart of the solution.

Creating Oxygen from Water in Northern Germany

Scientists are using a 146-meter-tall water tower in the northern German city of Bremen for experiments to produce oxygen from water under difficult, simulated zero-gravity circumstances. The research promises a cost-effective and viable way to provide astronauts with the air they need to survive.

Measurement System Helps Farmers Cut Corners and Costs

The Stenon company from Potsdam in Brandenburg state has developed a system called FarmLab for carrying out soil analysis without having to send samples to a laboratory.

Novel Protein Bandage to Treat Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers predominantly affect older people and diabetics and are a growing problem in ageing societies.

German and Israeli Firms Collaborate on Lab-Grown Meat

Aleph Farms from Israel is teaming up with Munich firm Wacker Chemie to develop a new procedure for producing cultivated meat, which is grown from animal muscle cells in a laboratory.

German Chemical Industry Rebounds from Corona in a Big Way

EUR 111 billion in turnover and a 12 percent rise compared with a year ago – those are the record-setting figures published by the Association of the Chemicals Industry (VCI) for the first half of 2021.

Profits from Industrial Smokestacks

The global environmental focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But a forward-looking initiative from the Fraunhofer Institute and steel manufacturer thyssenkrupp is investigating how to use CO2 as a raw material.