MediaTech Hub Conference in Babelsberg

The MediaTech Hub Conference, Germany’s only conference on media technologies, will present the latest
insights, best practices and innovations in the fields of cloud, sustainability and the new virtual on 28 – 29 September 2022 under the motto “It’s all MediaTech now”.

The Female Side of Fintech

There’s a growing demand in Germany for financial investment solutions targeting women. Start-ups reorienting their financial services and products around female customers are poised to thrive in Europe’s largest economy.

“It doesn’t make sense to pile up things in your home” – Fairown CEO

Estonian company Fairown, which is expanding to Germany, believes the future lies in offering products as services, not one-off purchases. CEO Hendrik Roosna tells us how the company is trying to shift brands to circularity.

Digital Restaurant Ordering Platform Becomes Unicorn

Berlin start-up Choco has broken the USD one billion mark after taking in EUR 102 million in Series B-2 funding. The company, which offers ordering services to restaurants and food suppliers, doubled its value in the past 6 months and increased its users by 350 percent in 2021.

Germany’s Top Beer Brand is State Owned

Rothaus brewery which produces the beer Tannenzäpfle, is owned by the regional state of Baden-Württemberg. It has enjoyed centuries of success – and Tannenzäpfle has been named Germany’s top beer brand by business newspaper Handelsblatt and pollsters yougov for six years running.

Germans Investing in Smartphone Home Security

27 percent of Germans use smartphone technology to protect their homes. That’s the conclusion of a recent representative survey of over a thousand people by Germany’s digital industry association Bitkom.

Cologne Start-Up Develops Wearable Payment Ring

To initiate payment, users hold the ring three centimeters away from electronic card readers.

German and Israeli Firms Collaborate on Lab-Grown Meat

Aleph Farms from Israel is teaming up with Munich firm Wacker Chemie to develop a new procedure for producing cultivated meat, which is grown from animal muscle cells in a laboratory.

Germany’s Esports Business is a Big Winner

It’s bright, brash and worth BILLIONS. If you’re in sports and entertainment, you need to know about esports. Its popularity rivals that of traditional sports and is growing by leaps and bounds. Cities like Berlin and Cologne are European hubs of this future-oriented sector. Watch our video!

German Retail Turnover in 2021 Expected to Set Record

The Federal Statistical Office says that according to initial estimates, German retailers notched up a new record revenue level in 2021.