Fintech Mambu Becomes Latest German Unicorn

Berlin startup Mambu announced on January 7 that it has been valued at EUR 1.7 billion, making it Germany’s newest unicorn.

Top Investments 2020 in North Rhine-Westphalia

Infosys, 247TailorSteel, OrCam Technologies, DPD: the state NRW maintains a consistently high level of foreign direct investments.

Smart Devices – the New German Cashless Option

In a new survey, German digital industry association bitkom found that 79 percent of Germans regularly used cashless payment option in stores from September to November of last year.

German Supercomputer Sets Pace in Europe

Juwel is German for jewel, and the new JUWELS Booster Module supercomputer at the Jülich Forschungszentrum (Research Center) certainly is a gem.

German Companies Going Paperless

According to Germany’s leading digital business advocacy organization, bitkom, German firms are increasingly erasing their paper trails and implementing digital options.

Berlin Fintech Vivid Raises €15m

Start-up Vivid Money is less than a year old, but the financial platform from the German capital is already making headlines. The company has just raised a cool EUR 15 million in Series A financing.

Germany Funds Game Development

In 2018 the German gaming industry was worth EUR 4.4 billion, and the sector has benefited from the coronavirus pandemic as people increasingly look to different forms of home entertainment to keep them occupied.

Remote Learning Made Simple

One million users a month – not bad for a fledgling company whose founders not so long ago struggled to earn ten euros on Youtube in that time span.

Public German Insurers Accept Apps

October 6, 2020 will go down a watershed in the German healthcare system, as for the first time public insurers approved reimbursement to patients for apps prescribed by their doctors.

Tulip Blossoming

One U.S. company is pushing ahead with European expansion plans from its new base in Munich despite the corona crisis. Digitalization platform provider Tulip is confident that its future looks bright in Germany.