Home Networking

One of the major challenges to creating the digitally networked home of the future is how to get various devices and applications to communicate with each other. But two German start-ups – Conrad Connect and iHaus – are working on apps that will control everything from ceiling lights to shutters, door locks to electrical outlet timers.

German IT Security Spending Reaches All-Time High

IT security expenditures in 2019 projected to rise a whopping 10%.

Blockchain and the Bundesrepublik

The federal German government has announced a new blockchain strategy, aimed at exploiting the opportunities represented by this technology and enlisting them to drive the digital transformation of the country.

Surging Online Sales

The German Association of e-commerce says that consumers spent around 17.36 billion euros on online purchases in the second quarter of 2019 – that was 11.3 percent more than in the same period in 2018.

5G Remote-Controlled Trains

Mobile communications provider Vodafone has carried out the first-ever remote-controlled test run of a train using 5G technology. The test was carried out at the company’s smart Smart Rail Connectivity Campus in Germany’s central Erzgebirge region.

Property Platform

Hamburg fintech start-up Exporo hosts a digital platform for property investments and aims to make this sector accessible to small investors. “We want to change the way you invest in property,” Exporo CEO Simon Brunke says.

Combatting Abuse

The start-up Lytt from the city of Münster addresses one of the most prevalent problems in the working world: on-the-job harassment.

More and More Mail Order in Germany

Germans love to shop, but increasingly they prefer doing so without actually going to stores.

Going Cashless

German consumers can be fairly conservative, but they’re now catching on to the advantages of paying for purchases without physical money.

German-Israeli Cyber Security

Germans and Israelis are teaming up to ward off hacks and other digital attacks in a unique program of so-called partnership accelerators.